Powering communities
Empowering Africa

Extending Electrification

600 million Africans currently live without electricity. Promoting electrification is increasingly important to Africa's future.
We believe the fate of the world, will follow the fate of Africa.

Blockchain Technology

Our solution leverages blockchain technology to create a highly efficient, autonomous energy utility market with an open access framework for simple integration and participation, dramatically extending services areas.

Powering Communities

Our microgrids can be independent of each other or create fail-over isolation within the public grid to ensure the stability of critical infrastructure, allowing energy suppliers to be responsive to community needs.

Sustainable Solutions

Unlike polluting energy sources with expensive production inputs, microgrids integrate highly efficient, 100 percent renewable energy including hydrothermal, solar, and wind to power communities with sustainable solutions.

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Microgrids grow communities

Smitz Laboratories’ decentralized microgrids work in rural areas or city centers from Mombasa to Kinshasa growing communities and developing energy independent districts in areas that critically require economic development.


Microgrids provide an excellent opportunity for vibrant public-private partnerships by turning seed funding from public sector grants into price subsidies for customers, creating opportunities for new developments that promote commercial activity while providing affordable power to local communities.


Traditional electrical infrastructure is expensive and built around large, central baseline power plants reliant on coal or other carbon-based extractive industry fuels. Traditional power infrastructure creates a high barrier to entry, encouraging monopolistic practices that have to be constantly restrained by regulation.


Our microgrids make power accessible to everybody by enabling community participation and competitive markets of low cost suppliers that can take advantage of just-in-time acquisitions, capturing savings from falling renewable prices.


Community-based energy solutions built on renewable energy sources such as a wind turbines, hydrothermal, or solar cells ensure that communities have independent, diverse, and resilient energy sources and suppliers.

Electrification in the age of climate change and population growth

Across the region climate change presents the greatest threat to economic prosperity and political stability. Nigeria’s urban centers are expected to add 212 million new residents by 2050 further straining the region’s largest economy and most populace country.

Now is the time to make smarter investments

The world can no longer rely on fossil fuel monopolies to meet the electrification needs of growing urban populations and rural populations without exacerbating the impact of economic inequality and climate change including food insecurity, prolonged drought, rising sea levels and extreme weather.

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Smitz Laboratories is focused on public-private partnerships to encourage sustainable economic development.

Our Sustainable Growth practice provides support for local startups, governments, and investors seeking to maximize economic productivity. We use big data aggregation and analytics that accurately model the problem and solution to enable smart investments in sustainable and scalable infrastructure models suited for the modern economies of smart cities.

Smitz Laboratories is committed to developing smart new frameworks for investments in the economic developments we see as necessary to move away from dependency on extractive industries and volatile commodities markets for a strong, stable, and sustainable future.

Power to the people.

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